Client Case Study

The results were amazing!

What we did…

Brand Identity, Responsive Development, Business Web Design and WordPress development.

About The Business

Cleonmaye Corp. is a Research and Development Company that specializes in clean energy and clean energy related products. Cleonmaye developed the world’s first self-sustaining and completely renewable energy unit that can be applied to any electrical device. Through innovative thinking they have developed some cutting edge technology that promises to deliver on their motto of “Better technology today”.

The Result

We created a totally user friendly website with elements that will drive attraction.  Site features a full-width design with smooth scrolling and information to drive conversion.  The website was created using the latest web standards and modern web development tools. We not only met the client needs, we exceeded them.

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  • WordPress 100% 100%
  • HTML-5 100% 100%
  • CSS-3 100% 100%
  • DESIGN 100% 100%

What the client had to say…

“Coming Soon…”




Owner, Cleonmaye Corp.