Denver Doran

IT & Electronics

I am an Electronic Technician with extensive technical knowledge and experience in ensuring safe and efficient equipment operation.


Air Traffic Control Equipment Maintenance Technician

I bring a comprehensive background in Operation Maintnenance Management and Air Traffic Control Maintenance, honed through extensive experience in overseeing domestic and global operations spanning five countries. I have adeptly managed risk across multiple fronts to safeguard assets, property, and equipment exceeding a cumulative value of $15M, consistently meeting the expectations of senior leadership. My expertise extends to production control, personnel management, and training. I have received specialized technical training in electronics repair and diagnostics, radar systems, navigational aids, specialized radio systems, communication systems, and flight inspection. This background equips me with a diverse skill set to excel in roles demanding a nuanced understanding of electronic systems and their operational intricacies.

  • Electronic Circuit Analysis
  • Soldering and Desoldering
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design
  • Analog and Digital Electronics
  • Electronic Testing Equipment
  • Troubleshooting Skills
  • Microcontroller Programming
  • Electronic Assembly and Disassembly
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Power Supply Systems
  • RF (Radio Frequency) Systems
  • Communication Protocols & Networking Basics
  • Safety Standards & Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Instrument Calibration
  • Component-Level Diagnosis and Repair
  • Firmware Updates
  • Technical Documentation
  • Automation Systems
  • Technical Communication

Operations Management

ATC maintenance operations management oversees the planning and execution of maintenance for air traffic control systems, ensuring their reliability and safety through strategic resource optimization and proactive maintenance practices.

Quality Control Inspections

Performed Quality Control inspections for Air Traffic Control systems, ensuring compliance with industry standards and contributing to the optimal functionality and reliability of critical communication and navigation equipment.

ATC Maintnenance Training

Executed comprehensive Air Traffic Control (ATC) equipment maintenance training, ensuring proficiency in troubleshooting and repairing critical systems to uphold seamless air traffic management operations.

Electronics Component level Repair

Experience in component-level repair with expertise in advanced troubleshooting, precise soldering, and rework. Proficient in using diverse test equipment and interpreting schematics, I collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams to integrate repaired components effectively. Committed to high-quality standards, I prioritize safety and offer technical support to end-users. My proactive approach to staying updated on technological advancements enhances overall repair processes.

Server Management and IT Infrastructure

I bring a wealth of experience and expertise in Server Management and IT Infrastructure, with a strong track record in designing and maintaining robust server environments. My expertise includes server configuration, performance optimization, troubleshooting, and implementing security measures. Proficient in virtualization technologies, I ensure efficient resource utilization and scalability. My proactive approach to system maintenance contributes to enhanced reliability and performance. Committed to staying current with emerging technologies, I am well-equipped to address evolving challenges in this dynamic field.


American Intercontinental University

Associates degree 2007 – 2007

Sanford Brown College

Bachelor degree 2008 – 2014

University of Arizona (UAGC)

Bachelor degree 2020 – 2024

US Army Ordnance, Electronics Maintenance School

Certificate 2000 – 2001

The Fiber Optic School

Certificate 2018 – 2018

Air Traffic Control Army Maintnenace Training Program

Over 20 Certifications 2010 – 2023